Facilitating discovery

of translational targets in health and disease

At EzraBio, we are providing researchers with the ability to
perform ribosome profiling from a wide range of biological
samples with ease. By looking into global translation with
superior resolution, it is now possible to uncover hidden
coding potential, dissect translational response, identify
tumor-associated antigens, and guide mRNA therapeutics.
Our QEZ-seq ® technology is driving the future of precision

The people of EzraBio are forward-looking


EzraBio is to empower researchers by providing powerful tools
to facilitate discovery of translational targets in health and disease.

About us

EzraBio was founded in 2020 by scientists at Cornell University.
Realizing the limitations of current technology, they decided to
re-establish the ribosome profiling protocol. Relying on innovative
checmistry, the QEZ-seq ® technology captures ribosome footprints
with unprecendented speed and accuracy. It has demonstrated the
potential to accelerate progress in mRNA research and mRNA

The people of EzraBio are problem-solvers



EzraBio recieved a SBIR award from NSF


EzraBio recieved an Ignite award from Cornell