QEZ-seq ®

ribosome profiling made easy


send us your cell samples

Sample Preparation

A proper sample preparation is key to successful ribosome profiling.
Unlike whole genome sequencing or RNA-seq, ribosomes are
subjected to movement during lysis. To maintain the ribosome integrity
on mRNAs, snap freezing of cells or tissues is highly recommended.
Send us your frozen samples and we will take care of everything else,

  •  cell lysis and tissue homogenization
  •  optional ribosome fractionation
  •  RNA digestion
  •  ribosome footprint isolation
cDNA library construction

From purified ribosome footprints, QEZ-seq ® ensures
rapid cDNA library construction with integrated rRNA depletion.

Deep sequencing

QEZ-seq ® is fully compatible with Illumina sequencing platform
and adaptable to any other NGS sequencer.