QEZ-seq ®

ribosome profiling made easy


start with your ribosome samples

A wide range of samples

Ribosome profiling commonly uses polysome fractions
separated via sucrose gradietn, which is labor-intensive
and requires niche equipment and knowledge.

Thanks to the high sensitivity, QEZ-seq ® enables researchers
to use a wide range of samples.

A facile technique

With rapid cDNA library construction methodology,
QEZ-seq ® is suitable for unlimited ribosome-associated assays.

  •  profiling of initiating ribosomes
  •  profiling of terminating ribosomes
  •  profiling of selective ribosomes
Integrated rRNA depletion

Current ribosome profiling suffers from severe contamination
of rRNA species. The quality of third party rRNA depletion
kits varies a lot. QEZ-seq ® contains integrated rRNA depletion
reagents to maximinze the read depth of ribosome footprints.

6 samples
12 samples
24 samples
Single tube cDNA synthesis

The standard ribosome profiling protocol
takes nearly a week to finish.

QEZ-seq ® enables cDNA synthesis
within several hours on a single tube.